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Örnen är redo att placera äggen i redet. Doth the eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high? TURKEN. PASS.

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If you want a chicken that lays lots of eggs, the Silkie is not your bird. They are considered poor layers averaging 2-3 small eggs each week – around 100-120 eggs per year. However they excel in the broodiness department and are fabulous mothers (more on this later). Turken Chickens So are they chickens or turkeys?

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Turken eggs

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Turken eggs

eggar, egg. eggas, egg. eggat, egg.
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Turken eggs

The interior looks similar to that of a chicken. It has a noticeable white portion, plus a yellow yolk. When breeding and hatching Turken only about 90% come naked necked and 10% come with feathers on their neck.

A turkey egg is larger than that of a chicken and tends to be off-white with yellow or brown speckles. They are oval and tend to have pointier ends than the eggs of a duck or chicken.
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Article continues below advertisement. I mean, turkeys are birds.

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Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Turkens are a dual-purpose bird. Turkens lay between 120 and 180 medium/large brown-shelled eggs a year with very good food conversion. They don't generally weigh more than 8 pounds but some places use them as a meat bird. Turkens can get broody and tend to make good mothers. Turkeys lay eggs at a far slower rate than your average chicken.

Anyway, we know what turkey eggs look like, and we know they’re edible, so why aren’t we eating them? As it turns out, getting turkey eggs into the egg market would be both complicated and expensive. First of all, while a chicken usually lays one egg every day, a turkey only lays about two eggs per week. Gavin Turk - Portrait of an Egg 16th - 19th May Somerset House #gavinturk #gavinturkegg #gavinturk #gtegg #spottheegg. 10. 4. See All. Photos.